Talofa Lava!

The vision of TAMĀ provides a product that connects generations of Pasefika & Maori people to the Father's love.  TAMĀ offers encouragement to embrace the blessing of our cultural identity through language-specific scriptural promises as declared in the Holy Bible. TAMĀ wants to honour and celebrate with you, as we communicate biblical vernacular and the living memories it holds of language, culture & belonging.  


You know have blessed someone when they open the gift and start to cry. Thank you so much for blessing our friend from work with the Lord's Prayer in Tongan

Tamā customer

A great piece of art and wisdom for my home and yours!

Tamā customer

Beautiful products made with love. Highly recommend!

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There is something really blessed about seeing the word of God in your mother tongue and I can honestly say that the gift far outweighed any monetary or material present that we could have given.

Tamā customer


The journey and how it all began...